Case studies

Melvin John and Cheryl Gift

When a mum brought in her 4 month old twins, Melvin John and Cheryl Gift they were both presenting a high fever of 39.6 and they weren’t eating. Fortunately their one year old sister wasn’t displaying the same symptoms. We were all concerned that they had Malaria and after checking their blood in our lab it was confirmed that they had a high count of Falciparum Malaria.

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Michelle was 18 months old when she was brought into the clinic by her parents as they suspected she had malaria. They were right. Esther, one of our nurses, was also very concerned that she seemed extremely underweight and wasn’t yet walking. Esther spoke to one of the Community Health Workers who confirmed that Michelle’s family was destitute and so she decided to visit them at their home.

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Terissia Odkho

Terissia Odkho isn’t sure of her age as she doesn’t have a birth certificate but she thinks she is 80 years old. She had ten children but nine of them died from HIV/Aids. Her one remaining daughter moved away and never visits. Her only income or means of living is what she can grow in her garden.

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