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Like many rural communities in Kenya, the majority of the 10,000 people in the Buburi area live in extreme poverty; confronted by malnutrition, malaria and the devastating affects of HIV and AIDS.

Many suffer from conditions for which they are unable to access or afford the necessary treatment, resulting in many preventable deaths, particularly in children under 5.

Friends of Buburi enables the Buburi Health Clinic to provide accessible, good quality and affordable health care to those in need.

Both our financial and practical support enables the clinic to:

  • Maintain and develop clinic facilities and equipment, which currently consists of a waiting room, one consultation room, one treatment room and a pharmacy
  • Maintain a paid team of trained nurses and clinic staff
  • Provide ongoing training for the nurses, particularly in chronic diseases, such as diabetes, and developing protocols to guide their clinical practice
  • Provide training to clinic administrative staff, particularly in data collection, record keeping and stock taking
  • Ensure a well stocked pharmacy and reliable supply of affordable medication
  • Carry out malaria testing and provide the necessary treatment
  • Provide training and practical support to the team of volunteer community health workers who educate vulnerable individuals and families in health related issues
  • Develop effective relationships with the Kenyan Ministry of Health and other health organisations
  • Work closely with the Buburi Community Committee to provide managerial and financial support
  • Ultimately work towards self-governance and independent financial security

In 2011, Buburi clinic helped more than 11,000 patients. The dedicated team of nurses treated on average 30 patients a day, reaching up to 100 patients a day during the wet season, when malaria is rife across the region.  The team of volunteer community health workers visited 11 smaller villages in the area, meeting with more than 420 vulnerable families to raise awareness about malaria prevention and other health related issues, such as nutrition, sanitation and hygiene, maternal health and spotting the early signs of illness in young children.

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