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Top 10 Things I Loved about Buburi

It's been over two weeks since I returned from my first trip to the clinic in Buburi. Here are the things I loved about my visit there: Seeing how hard the dedicated staff work in sometimes difficult circumstances was inspiring All the beautiful babies - dozens of...

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International Day of Rural Women

We know that in developing countries, rural women represent almost half of the agricultural labour force, and produce, process and prepare much of the food available, thereby giving them primary responsibility for food security. This quite simply means that rural...

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International Day of the Girl Child

Friends of Buburi are celebrating International Day of the Girl Child. We strongly believe it's important to highlight the issues concerning gender inequality facing young girls. There are 1.1 billion girls in the world today, a powerful constituency for shaping a...

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World Humanitarian Day

Today Friends of Buburi is celebrating World Humanitarian Day. This is a day held every year on the 19th August to celebrate the spirit that inspires humanitarian work around the world. Buburi Community Health Clinic owes its very existence to so many people across...

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Inspiring Nurse Volunteers

Friends of Buburi trustees, Jo Hanks and Jackie Hamer, were both delighted and honoured to be invited to give a talk to the students on the Professional Diploma in Tropical Nursing (DTN) at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine by course director, Dame...

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World Population Day: Family Planning

On this World Population Day, the theme is Family Planning: empowering people, developing nations. Family Planning does not just benefit an individual; it improves lives and consequently has a positive effect on the economic growth of a country. There is a lot of...

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100 Friends Saving Thousands of Lives

It's incredible how a small amount of money goes a very long way in Buburi, rural Kenya. So we are launching our  100 Friends Campaign to help us provide vital ongoing health services to the local community from our Healthcare Clinic. If you watch our video below...

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Good News on World Malaria Day

The photo is of a young girl who came to the clinic with suspected Malaria. She was very poorly and was waiting on her test results, which showed she had Malaria. Fortunately she made a full recovery after treatment. On World Malaria Day it is good to see that Malaria...

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