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We’re incredibly fortunate in the UK to enjoy high quality free healthcare but we strongly believe that where you live should not determine whether you live. Businesses who partner with us believe in this too……

If as a business you’re serious about making a significant difference to people’s lives through your support of a charity, then we believe we have a compelling proposition for you. Our health clinic is an absolutely vital service in the community of Buburi and we literally are saving lives every day. We’re a small charity but we make a massive impact, very cost effectively, in the community that we serve. This combined with the fact that 100% of donations goes directly to the healthcare work we do, means that you know your support is not being used to cover administration costs but is actually making a real difference.

What your support will do

There are many ways your financial support will be hugely beneficial to us: regular donations, which are vital, will pay for our monthly clinical staff costs and the drugs and treatments we deliver; you can sponsor a specific capital or growth project such as our new 24/7 maternity clinic; you can sponsor a midwife or nurse for the year; or help us expand to deliver overnight/hospital care.

Corporate and Employee Engagement

If you partner with us we’ll want to build a close relationship with you, keep you updated on all our developments and involve you in the work we do. This is true for both here in the UK as we raise funds and awareness for our charity and also in Kenya as we deliver our healthcare services. This could include promoting your business across our social media platforms and marketing activities and also welcoming your employees to volunteer with us in Buburi, gaining a first hand and unique experience of the clinic in action.

Closer to home, we’ll work with you to encourage employees to get involved, for example, by joining in our fundraising activities or organising their own; taking part in sponsored events and challenges, or even knitting baby clothes for the newborns delivered at our clinic! We’ll be delighted to discuss all the options available for a tailor made sponsorship programme that suits your company.

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